The Fibaro System is the only system in the world which immediately responds to all the incidents which happen in your house. In critical situations, immediate response is crucial, therefore, we have placed great emphasis on ensuring the complete safety of our customers. In the event of burglary, the Fibaro System will immediately send you a picture of the intruder and suggest that you contact the police. Should a water pipe burst, the system will provide you with a list of plumbers within a 10 km radius of your home. This is just a brief outline of the possibilities offered by the Fibaro System services.


It is 5:30 PM
After a hard day's work, you're watching a movie on TV.

5:32 PM
You hear the doorbell ring. The movie is automatically paused, while the faces of your friends suddenly appear on the TV screen.

5:35 PM
You open your fridge only to discover that all it contains is a pot of yogurt and some milk. Then you reach for your phone. The system suggests a number of restaurants located within a 5 km radius of your house.

5:38 PM
With just one click, the system puts you through to the selected pizza place. You order a pizza and some drinks.

6:12 PM
You are sitting with your friends, chit-chatting and holding a slice of pizza in your hand.

6:35 PM
The Fibaro System detects flooding in the bathroom and informs you of the incident. A list of plumbers, arranged according to the distance between their business and your house, appears on your mobile phone screen.

6:36 PM
The central unit of the Fibaro System has already closed the valve, while you are on the phone with the plumber.

6:58 PM
Problem solved. It turned out that the plumber happened to be in the neighborhood, while the failure wasn't all that serious.

7:01 PM
You part with the plumber and return to your guests. With the Fibaro System, nothing can spoil your evening!


Order a taxi using the Fibaro System.


Order your favorite pizza.


If necessary, call medical assistance to your home.


The neighborhood security unit, the police and the security guard are already in the system.

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