First and foremost, the Fibaro System is about security. Thanks to integration of all devices, you can contact and fully control your house from every location on earth. You don't need to worry about an intruder in your house or forgetting to turn off bedroom light. Your house never forgets! Fibaro will automatically secure and arm itself and inform you about it by sending a message to your mobile phone.


Thanks to IP cameras paired with Fibaro System, you will be able to see your house from every location on earth. Monitor your house when you're not there and always have it under full control!


When combined with our modules, these devices have great potential.


When combined with our modules, these devices offer great potential.


To ensure your and your family safety, we have created announcements to notify you of what is currently going on in your house. In case of failure, burglary or any predefined event, the Fibaro System will immediately send an appropriate announcement to your mobile phone.

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